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"john... did i tell you that i listened to your cd last week? anyways, loved it... i never got bored, it kept my attention the whole way through (i've listened to it twice now)

...the piece with the low bluesy voice and blues guitar was my favorite passage on the cd... it totally rocks! when the blues beat starts... it sounds so fat and gutsy like you are really in a deep, down, smokey bar in Louisiana... then the man starts talkin' and it's all over... wow, what a voice... he could have said anything and it would have been perfect!

i like how everything was interwoven... you took so many diverse soundbytes of so many different styles of music and effects and interlaced them in a way where you would never have thought these two different voices could occupy the same space with any purpose other than reckless abandon...

and there's a little of that too but perfectly placed. there was even a slight space of silence after a line that i really enjoyed."

ema roberts

"Out of all the poetry CDs with musical accompaniment out there, this is certainly one of them."

Jonas Brooker, Seattle