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This CD 'Do You Fall In Love Often' is a synergy of the writings of the artist Louis Cannizzaro and the music of John Kovarek. The CD is produced by John. The words are selected from Louis' first three books, 'Her Beauty Touches Everything,' 'To My Sweetheart' and 'Full of Grace'. John thanks Louis for permission to use his inspiring work and suggests you discover more of Louis' talents at his website

John Kovarek writes: "I met Lou on the set of a TV show - I was doing sound, he was in the prop/art department. Over time, he would introduce items to the crew, like coffee mugs with "the shopping list" painted on it, or t-shirts with great phrases. We found out more about his phrases when he came around with his first book, "I love my girlfriend". Two books later, I was sitting at his book reading/signing at Book Soup on the Sunset strip. He inspired me to gather my actor and singer friends, as well as neighbors, for the audio version of his books. I had a big enough talent pool to cast everyone according to how I interpreted Lou's poems. The music and sound effects formed around the sequence of thoughts and the mood I felt. Everyone reading his books will imagine different things. This is how I imagined it. I hope you like it."